Technical Innovation  

Exploration Equipment

The Company is equipped with 15 sets of the most advanced 24 bit A/D seismic recording system with the capacity of 26000 channels, such as Sercel 428XL, 408UL, and different kinds of geophone of 60000 strings.

The company has 50 sets of surveying instruments, Leica1230 GPS, TRIMBLE 5701 GPS, PDL relay stations, GERMIN handheld GPS, GPS 12XL, SET2C Ⅱ intelligent total station, ZW602 Total Station.

There are 7 sets of Sun Blade workstations and a set of PC Cluster for seismic design and seismic data processing and 4 sets of Sun Blade workstations for seismic data 

interpretation, which are installed with the advanced softwares, such as GeoCluster, GeogvecteurPlus, Grisys, GeoDepth, GeoFrame (GPS-3, RM, GX Ⅱ/GX Ⅲ), Vista and OMNI Workshop.

The GME equipment include TerraTEM, SIROTEM-3, ResECS geo-electrical imager, G-AX magnetometer, CG-3M gravimeter, SIR-Georadar. Each of them has one set.

The company has 360 sets of mechanical equipment, such as vehicle-mounted rigs,10 rigs for operation in mountainous area, portable rigs for work in jungle, downhole equipment and vehicles.



Technical Innovation

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