Seismic Data Acquisition

The company began seismic data acquisition services since 2007, and has accumulated abundant experience and mastered the sophisticated 2D&3D seismic data acquisition technology. Our expertise and talented employees have made it possible for us to operate under all hostile terrain conditions.

Currently, the company has three seismic crews. The company’s annual seismic data acquisition capacity reaches 10000 kilometers of 2D and 4000 square kilometers of 14 3D.

The company is capable of acquiring 2D & 3D seismic data under complex surface and geological conditions such as plain, grassland, Gobi, mountain, Loess Plateau,swamp, jungle and town area.

Several series of seismic data acquisition techniques have been developed to meet the challenges from the complex areas mentioned above:

- Geometry variation design and seismic data acquisition in complex terrain

- 2D & 3D high resolution seismic data acquisition for shallow strata

- High S/N ratio seismic data acquisition for deep strata

- Near-surface investigation techniques

- Seismic data acquisition method of quantitative analysis on site

- Assessment of seismic data acquisition methods and on-site quantitative analysis.

Irregular layout design

Quantitative analysis of dynamite size for single shot

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