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Challenger Geophysical Ltd. is a 2D&3D seismic data acquisition contractor and geophysical services company, which locates in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, whichprovides high quality onshore, shallow water and down hole seismic services to the oil and gas industry. Using leading edge technology, highly trained project managers and recording personnel our team delivers a diverse portfolio of  land, shallow water and down hole solutions ranging from 2D, 3D, 3C, 4D, VSP.

Our fully integrated services include program planning and permitting, program design, logistics management, QHSE management, camp services, survey, drilling, recording and in-field processing and QC. We have established a reputation for our ability to operate successfully in complex environments by collaborating closely with our customers and building strong relationships with the communities where we operate.


Challenger Geophysical Ltd.

Also provides geophysical consulting, seismic data processing and interpretation.


Our clients range from major oil and gas companies to independent oil & gas operators as well as other providers to the oil and gas industry.



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